What’s next for Barbie Princess?

A couple of months ago, the adorable Barbie princess, who is a baby at this point, made her official debut in the latest Disney film, Frozen.

The movie is set in the world of Frozen, which is the story of Elsa, Anna, and their snow princess sister, Rapunzel, who travels the land searching for a new home for her and her family.

The film opened in a new and different way, and Disney and Marvel Entertainment have not only adapted the princess into a live-action film, they have created a new animated series to follow the story.

While the movie was a hit, it was not enough to bring Barbie back into the fold as a Disney character.

Barbie will not be featured in the live-streamed version of Frozen for another year, but Disney and Disney Animation are now planning to continue bringing her back as a character.

But it appears that the Disney princess is not the only one being sidelined.

According to Disney Insider, Barbie is also on the way out.

In a statement to Bloomberg, Disney says that Barbie “will not be making a return to the Disney Parks, and we will be continuing to develop a new live-to-film story for her to play in the future.”

The Disney Parks are also not happy about this news, saying, “Disney is committed to bringing the world’s most popular characters to the worlds most popular and interactive attractions and experiences.

However, with this decision, it is our belief that Barie, one of our most beloved characters, will not make a return.”

In a tweet to Bloomberg that also claimed that Disney is “taking a stand against the ‘too cute’ barbie princess trend,” a spokesperson for Disney said, “We believe in the power of the little ones, and that’s why we continue to offer this magical experience for kids ages 7 to 12.”

The Frozen Frozen is set to open in theaters next week.

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