‘Panda’ actor jojo ‘s bizarre adventure’ farm and a new pet

A new breed of animal has found its way onto the show “Panda.”

The “Big Mouth” star told the ABC’s 7.30 he’s been a fan of the show for years.

“I grew up with ‘Big Mouth’ for its unique take on the animal kingdom,” he said.

“It’s been on the air for so long, so it’s really exciting that the show is going to be back on in 2017.”

“Panda” stars Ian Somerhalder, who is best known for his roles on “Dancing with the Stars,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “American Idol.”

“I love to do animal related things, so when I got the chance to do the role of Panda on the show, I thought it was going to go very well,” Somerham said.

He and his fellow cast members were asked to recreate the iconic characters.

“Ian and I are just really excited to be in the same room with each other, because we’ve been doing it together for the last year,” he added.

The star’s “Big” mouth has been known for years for his wild antics.

He’s a big fan of “The Little Mermaid,” a movie that featured a wild and adventurous Ariel who was a mermaid.

“The Little Miss Mermaid” had a huge success and spawned a franchise, but it’s a “little bit more serious” this time around.

The show is airing on Netflix, Amazon and Disney XD.

The ABC’s Jill Brown contributed to this report.

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