How to live and learn in adventure cities

When it comes to adventure cities, Melbourne is a pioneer, with its sprawling Victorian suburbs, iconic landmarks and a thriving tourist industry.

The city also boasts one of the world’s most diverse populations, with many indigenous Australians and other people from around the world.

But the number of people who call Melbourne home has fallen by more than 80% in the past five years.

And the number seeking work has dropped too, to a record low.

For many, the decline is a shock to the system, but for many others, it has been a blessing.

Melbourne’s story begins in Victorian times.

At the end of the 17th century, an American explorer named John Mackenzie landed in Victoria, intending to build an extensive new trading post on the Great Western.

Instead, he stumbled across a colony of Aboriginal people living in a remote part of the coast, where the local language, called “whip”, was unknown to English speakers.

Mackenzie soon found that he could not get his cargo across, and decided to head to another part of Victoria, which he named the “New England Cape”.

As the explorer settled into his new life in Melbourne, his efforts to improve the colony came to be known as “the Mackenzie Expedition”.

The explorer was joined by three others, who also set out to explore the coast.

They arrived in the area in 1788 and discovered a thriving trading post called “The Mackenzie Ship”.

But after many months of exploration, they were unsuccessful in their efforts to establish a permanent settlement.

In 1819, Mackenzie’s team was finally successful in setting up their first colony, in what would later become “The Cape” colony.

The colony eventually grew to nearly 200 people, and a community of people living together as one community.

But the arrival of European immigrants in the mid-19th century also helped create a new challenge for the Mackenzie team.

With their new homes, many of the inhabitants found it hard to find employment and were unable to afford their daily needs, so they decided to leave their new community and settle down in “the New England Cape” in 1837.

Many of the Mackenzies who settled down in the Cape had no choice but to leave.

Many of them did not speak English and had no idea what was happening in their new country.

By the 1840s, it became clear that the colony was a success.

But it was not to last.

One of the greatest challenges facing the Mackendys was the lack of housing.

The Victorian Government, which owned the Cape, had not constructed enough housing units.

A shortage of houses meant many families were forced to live on the streets.

This forced many of them to abandon the Cape and settle on the outskirts of Melbourne, where they became known as the “Riders”.

By 1847, there were more than 1,500 people living on the outer outskirts of the city, and the colony had grown to more than 800 people.

However, it was too small to accommodate all of the population, so many families chose to move into the “Mackendys Bungalow” in nearby Hobart.

After the Mackenders moved into the Bungalows in 1848, they became well known as a place where families could live and work.

They also became the first people to be called “Macks” by the local Aboriginal people, the “macks”.

In the mid 1850s, the Macks also started the “First Mack” tour, which travelled the entire length of the Great Southern Railway line, from Hobart to Sydney.

This included visiting Aboriginal villages, and visiting historic sites.

There were also several events at the Mack’s Bungalowing, which attracted hundreds of people each year.

It was during this time that a local Aboriginal woman named Helen Larkin began teaching Aboriginal women the art of “whips”.

After a couple of decades, Helen Lacey died, and was buried at the site.

Around the same time, the First Mack Expedition began its work of settling down in Tasmania.

As well as setting up a new settlement in the new colony of Hobart, the expedition also set up an area of land at the mouth of the Tasmanian River, known as Tasmania’s Cape, in 1859.

Its name was inspired by a well-known Aboriginal story, where a group of men were travelling across the Tasman Sea in a canoe, only to be stopped by an Aboriginal woman who told them the best way to reach the shore was to jump out of the canoe.

Tasmania’s Cape was the location where the First “Macker” travelled in 1864.

When the Mackender expedition finally set out from Tasmania in 1868, they found Tasmania’s South Coast had become too dangerous to cross.

So they moved to the new area of Tasman Island in the south of the state, where, with help

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