Which new movies are you most excited to see?

It’s been a while since we’ve had any kind of news from Warner Bros. and Pixar, but the studio is finally getting back to business with some new adventure movie announcements.

The studio just announced a couple of new entries in the new adventure theme park franchise, including the upcoming Waterloo Adventures movie.

The company also shared a trailer for its Animal Adventures: The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking adventure movie.

Pippi’s Adventures opened at the beginning of October and was directed by John Musker.

This new adventure is slated to be released on November 9.

Pippin, a young boy and his best friend Pippi, are the only two characters in the film who get to be part of an animal kingdom that features Pippi and a young hippo.

Waterloo Adventures is a new adventure in the Adventure Time series.

The park is based on the popular cartoon show, but it is not entirely based on Adventure Time, as it will be exploring new worlds.

In this new adventure, Pippi has an accident and is taken in by her father’s family.

Pipsy is sent off to the world of the animals and learns that they have a secret that makes them stronger than humans.

It is at this point where she discovers that the real danger to the humans is a group of magical creatures known as the Kool-Aid Man.

The company said that the film is based off the popular animated show and the new film is set to be the first new adventure that has a full-fledged cast in a long time.

It’s not yet known when the film will be released, but hopefully we’ll know soon.

The film is being produced by Weta Digital, and will be the second installment of the adventure park franchise.

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