What is a ghost?


— What is an ‘adventure landing’ — the term that has captured the imaginations of millions of fans of Disney’s animated adventures over the past two decades?

A little-known ghost town in the Bahamas, a little-used cruise ship in a remote corner of the Caribbean and a mystery that may or may not have haunted a young boy who disappeared in 1966?

That’s the premise of a new book that promises to shed new light on these long-held mysteries, and what it all means for the man who first spotted them.

In the early 1970s, Disney hired a young actor, Jack Smith, to help build the first “ghost ship” in a Florida park.

He set up camp in a swampy cove and set up shop there for three years.

The ghost ship was designed to entertain children as a way to teach them about the spirit world.

He dubbed it the “Adventures of Jack Sparrow,” a reference to the fictional ship that accompanied the adventures of the pirate captain.

Smith eventually left the ghost ship to form his own company, which made the most of his experience.

His adventures became a global phenomenon, earning him the nickname “The Ghost Ship” and a reputation for being haunted.

The first episode of “Pirates of the Florida Keys,” which aired in 1983, is credited with bringing the Disney name to the Caribbean, and in many ways its story has been a success.

In recent years, Disney has expanded its reach to include some of the most remote locations on the planet, from the Amazon rainforest to the Antarctic ice cap, and Smith is often referred to as the “ghost captain.”

But the truth is that Disney has been chasing ghosts for as long as it has.

For the past 50 years, the company has been quietly chasing its most successful ghost ships: the iconic “Star Wars” ships, the Disneyland parks and even the popular “Star Trek” series.

Smith’s company, the Pirates of the Bahamas Adventure Company, opened its first “adventure land” in the Caribbean in the early 1960s, and by the time it shut down in the mid-1980s, it had more than 2,200 people living on the islands.

But as Disney expanded its presence in the region, the pirates were abandoned by the company, leaving only a handful of employees on the island.

Smith returned to the Bahamas in 1980 to find that the pirates had gone.

Smith, who had lived in Florida for many years, found himself in a “pilot project” to put a small fleet of boats into the Bahamas waters.

He had no idea that one of his ships was going to become the subject of a Hollywood movie.

The movie, titled “Jack Sparrow and the Pirates,” was made in the 1990s, but the film never made it to theaters.

The film was written by David Slade, the director of “Ghost Adventures.”

Slade told ABC News in 2010 that he had “never heard of” the film before, but he decided to revisit the issue after hearing Smith’s story.

Smith and his crew had a few days to prepare before they boarded the pirate ship, but it was the perfect opportunity to discover the ghost of his lost ship.

Smith’s crew had used some of their supplies to make a makeshift ship that could survive in the rough waters of the sea.

The crew also put on a costume designed by Smith and made the “spooky” ship into a living ghost.

The crew also had to put on an extra layer of safety gear, like a lifejack that kept the ship from tipping over.

They rigged up a “spook” that could be triggered by the slightest sound.

The spook had to be trained to go after pirates and other dangers on the ship, and the ship had to have a large, well-ventilated roof to keep out the rain.

They also had a rope that they had rigged to a “rope-tray” that had been rigged up to the hull of the ship.

That meant that when a pirate boarded the ship and was pulled from the rope, the rope could be easily pulled away.

The rope could also be used to secure the crew members to the ship while they were under the influence of alcohol.

The ship was even rigged with “ghostly” lights that would flash when the crew was unconscious.

The lights were meant to scare off pirates and scare off people who might be interested in the story.

When Smith and his team finally set sail, they were greeted by the crew who greeted them with a “happy birthday” and offered to take the crew aboard the “pirateship” for a few months.

After the crew left, they began making plans to take their “pirate” with them on the next “Adventure Landing” as a souvenir for their crew.

But once the crew had been aboard for two months, the ship would be abandoned, so Smith and the crew set out

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