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Bonk the Great has been in the news for many reasons in recent years.

We all know the story.

He was the first person to land a lander on the moon and, more recently, the first human to walk on the Moon.

He is also the namesake of the iconic Bonkmobile.

Now, he’s got a new adventure game, Bonkus Adventure Hunt.

This latest entry is Bonk and the Great Adventure Hunt which is a real-time multiplayer game, as well as a side-scrolling action game.

It’s a multiplayer game which means you’re competing against other players.

So, while you’re trying to beat your opponent, you’re also trying to take out the enemy’s vehicle.

The player who manages to get the highest score gets to go home and relax in the comfort of their own home.

Bonk also gets to explore a vast, vast world of exploration.

The game is available for Android, iOS and PC and comes with three different missions.

The first mission is called ‘Rescue the World’ which has you rescuing a city from a giant meteorite.

The second mission is ‘Shelter the World’, where you are tasked with stopping a meteorite from exploding.

The third mission is a special one, ‘Escape the World’.

It’s where Bonk can escape the planet.

The map is divided into four zones which Bonk has to traverse through.

The zones are called areas and you must traverse them to complete the mission.

You can get the game on Google Play for free or you can buy it for Rs. 25 (in India) or Rs. 50 (in other countries) for Rs 2,499 (in the US).

The game will also be available on Apple’s App Store for $2.99 (in US), $4.99 for India and $6.99 in India.

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