How to get into the best adventure spots on the Caribbean island of St. Martin

St. Kitts and Nevis has a reputation for being a pretty tough place to get to.

But with the exception of some off-shore resorts, most of the islands are completely off-limits to visitors.

Here’s how to get there, how to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean and how to make it back to shore without the hassle of a boat trip.


Go by plane.

A plane from the US is $1,200.

From the UK, it’s £900.

You can get a one-way ticket from St. Lucia to St. Thomas and back in one day.

A one-hour flight to St Kitts costs £2,700.

For more information, visit or


Go to the beach.

Head to the island of Saint-Martin, where you can swim and play volleyball.

The beach is located on the island, which is just a short walk from the beach in St. Simon, St. Croix and St. Vincent.


Take a walk.

Head south along the shore of St Martins beach to St Thomas Beach, where there are some great walks.

The Beach Walk, from St Thomas to St Vincent, is just 20 minutes from St Martin and will take you to the famous St. John’s Arch, a massive arch built by Saint Martin in the 15th century.

Head east, taking in St Vincent Island, St Martin, St John’s, St-Antoine and St-Pierre beaches.

Head further north along the coast, and head north on the St. Stephen’s beach to Saint-John Beach, a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Get some sun.

Head north to the beautiful island of Bonaire.

Here, you can enjoy a day at the beach or sunbathe in the sunshine at the Saint-Paul beach.


Take your dog for a walk at the famous Saint-Antoni, a small island off the coast of St Martin.


Go for a hike at the St Martin Visitor Centre.


Go on a canoe ride at the Island of St John, located in the northern part of St Thomas.


Enjoy a visit to the beaches of St-Martin and St Pauls Islands.


Explore the area around the St Simon Hotel and Resort.

Visit the St Thomas Hotel and Resorts, where a selection of restaurants and bars offer a range of Caribbean cuisine.


Take in the beauty and history of St Pierre and Miquelon.


Visit some of the most popular destinations in St Kitt’s and Nevises Islands, including Saint-Pierre Island, Saint-Maarten, St Martens, St Helena and St Croix.


See the sights of St Simon and St Thomas and explore St. Martens and St Johns Islands, both of which are UNESCO World heritage sites.


See some of St Helena’s stunning coastline and explore the stunning Caribbean scenery.


Go surfing at the iconic surfing spots at St John Bay, St Simon, and St Simon Island.


Go swimming in the waters of St Kittes and Nevise Islands.


Go camping in the spectacular and unique area of the St John Island Campground.


Enjoy an authentic Caribbean experience at the Caribbean Heritage Hotel, where Caribbean cuisine is served daily.

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